untied started in 2007 when I had had enough of repeatedly getting confused by love, and decided I had to look back and document its process if was to gain a perspective on it.

The result became the album “so this love…“; and extremely personal album documenting love from its ignorant beginning, through its confusion, doubt and distrust, its evident demise through to look forward to yet another future failure.

I released the album in early 2008 in its unmastered form, available for free download at a number of sites listed below.

The album will be re-released at a future date in a deluxe edition, featuring re-mixed tracks, a complete mastering, a version in 24bit 96kHz (possibly 192kHz) format for audiophiles and custom cover artwork. This version will not be free.

One special technical aspect of the album is that it was produced using only a standard home computer, free audio plugins and samples, and a very cheap software DAW (Reaper) to prove that music is not about the price of one’s equipment, but about talent and passion.

You can listen to the album “so this is love…” at the following sites (note that not all sites carry all the tracks from the album):


The following sites have the original demo version of the album as opposed to the finished album:
Unsigned Band Web
Sonific (currently offline)


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