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So, you have all your old MIDI files lying around and you decide to play them through Totem or another GStreamer based player. What happens? They sound… flat. Ah, no problem you think, I’ll just set up Timidity to use the neat soundfont I have lying around that sounds like my old SoundBlaster card and […]

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had to install a 32bit version of some package to get a game or other program not designed for 64bit to work in 64bit Linux/Ubuntu/Debian and I’m sure others will nod in agreement at how difficult it can be to find the 32bit version, especially if […]

Yeah, so here we go, my third issue with the Linux port of Shadowgrounds… anyway, it turned out to not be that difficult to fix. Shadowgrounds only really plays well with OSS, so you should run it through aoss, but that won’t work in 64 bit. So here’s the solution: First, install alsa-oss (sudo apt-get […]

This is just a quick post to tell you all that I’ve updated wine-preferences in my PPA. There are lots of new goodies and a nice graphical overhaul. More details later, now for the eating! Remember, you can install all the Vineyard packages (wine-preferences, nautilus-wine and python-wine) by running the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cybolic/ppa […]

Okay, this is actually fairly exciting… I’ve packaged and uploaded nautilus-wine and wine-preferences to my PPA, so now you can install both the Nautilus Wine properties page I showed two posts ago, and my fancy “new” (it’s been in ubuntu-wine’s bzr forever) graphical configuration tool for Wine directly from your package manager (if you’re running […]

So, after having build a debian package of python-wine, I thought it would be an easy thing to set up a PPA and start actually distributing my work on the Wine/Gnome integration… Well, turns out it was a bit trickier than I thought and I consequently had to rebuild the python-wine package from scratch, but […]

As very few people apart from Scott Ritchie probably know, I’ve been working on integrating Wine more closely with Gnome for a few months now, and though I’ve had a break from the development for some time, I managed to finally create a little more for the project today. More specifically, I made the first […]

After having my partitions mangled once again, again, again by Windows, I decided I had to clean up my Linux – and by clean up, I mean reinstall, though I still use the same config files for my program – I love how you can do that in Linux. But anyway, instead of reinstalling Ubuntu […]

I’ve just read Mark Shuttleworths post to the Ubuntu Development mailing-list and I must say it got me a bit excited. In his post he mentions that the focus of the next release of Ubuntu, the one after Intreprid Ibex, namely 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” will, amongst other things, focus on “the blurring of web services […]

Automated breakage Yesterday I wanted to boot into my Windows XP Professional partition to see if Perfect World ran better in Windows than in Wine, but what was this? Windows refused to boot. Now, this has happened to me before, and I have read lots and lots of post online about the dreaded Mup.sys problem, […]