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I’ve moved!


This blog has moved! The new url is All comments are now transferred and while the new site still has a few issues, it works well enough for now. Everyone update your bookmarks, feed sources, rolodexes and fridge magnet spell-outs! Advertisements

I just bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and if you did too, or are contemplating it, don’t let the bad rating on WineHQ scare you off – it runs near perfectly. Now, the in-game tutorials are a bit wonky, but if you can live without those (I know I didn’t have much of a problem […]

I just received a chat message from someone on Facebook whom I am not friends with, and went to investigate… Though I couldn’t find anything online, and I’m not going to test it by spamming random people, it seems that if you add a buddy/friend in your desktop chat client with a username such as […]

NOTE: This is a bit verbose in the description, but maybe you can learn something from the process. If you just want to know how to fix the Banshee database after changing user name or moving your library to a different location, scroll down. I recently reinstalled Ubuntu and in the process changed my user […]

I just though of something that I can’t get to make sense… DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a lawyer, just a confused consumer. It is (in Denmark at least, and I assume in most other countries) legal to make a safety copy of a legally purchased movie or album for yourself. I presume it […]

After the hinting I did in my last post and the lack of any new features being released for Vineyard, I though I’d let you people know what’s actually going on with the development. As some may have noticed, the last release had the Programs-page split into a separate file loaded as a plugin/module. This […]

Now that Tabula Rasa is entering its final death rattle I wanted to make sure I got the soundtrack by Tracy Bush, Curse Mackey and Chris Vrenna with Clint Walsh, so I wrote a small extractor for the GLM format. Now, as far as I can tell, a GLM file is just a sequence of […]

So, I’m trying out WordPress and have just imported my previous posts from LiveJournal. So far it has been a pretty smooth ride, though I’m still getting used to the dashboard concept vs. the weblog interface, but it already seems much more friendly than LiveJournal, which I never did get the hang of.

Automated breakage Yesterday I wanted to boot into my Windows XP Professional partition to see if Perfect World ran better in Windows than in Wine, but what was this? Windows refused to boot. Now, this has happened to me before, and I have read lots and lots of post online about the dreaded Mup.sys problem, […]