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I just bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and if you did too, or are contemplating it, don’t let the bad rating on WineHQ scare you off – it runs near perfectly. Now, the in-game tutorials are a bit wonky, but if you can live without those (I know I didn’t have much of a problem […]

Yeah, so here we go, my third issue with the Linux port of Shadowgrounds… anyway, it turned out to not be that difficult to fix. Shadowgrounds only really plays well with OSS, so you should run it through aoss, but that won’t work in 64 bit. So here’s the solution: First, install alsa-oss (sudo apt-get […]

Normally I blog about Wine and Vineyard, but while the meaning behind these two projects are getting an existing Windows program running on Linux, thankfully this is not always necessary. Now, I’m not much of a gamer, when I actually play something it’s usually not for more than an hour, at most. I tend to […]