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I just though of something that I can’t get to make sense… DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a lawyer, just a confused consumer. It is (in Denmark at least, and I assume in most other countries) legal to make a safety copy of a legally purchased movie or album for yourself. I presume it […]

After the hinting I did in my last post and the lack of any new features being released for Vineyard, I though I’d let you people know what’s actually going on with the development. As some may have noticed, the last release had the Programs-page split into a separate file loaded as a plugin/module. This […]

I’ve been working on some new functionality for Vineyard and I needed to test if the user is connected to the internet or not. After some Google scouting I didn’t come up with anything that did what I needed so I ended up writing this little function and thought it might be useful for others. […]