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After having my partitions mangled once again, again, again by Windows, I decided I had to clean up my Linux – and by clean up, I mean reinstall, though I still use the same config files for my program – I love how you can do that in Linux. But anyway, instead of reinstalling Ubuntu […]

I’ve just read Mark Shuttleworths post to the Ubuntu Development mailing-list and I must say it got me a bit excited. In his post he mentions that the focus of the next release of Ubuntu, the one after Intreprid Ibex, namely 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” will, amongst other things, focus on “the blurring of web services […]

So, I’m trying out WordPress and have just imported my previous posts from LiveJournal. So far it has been a pretty smooth ride, though I’m still getting used to the dashboard concept vs. the weblog interface, but it already seems much more friendly than LiveJournal, which I never did get the hang of.